Monday, February 2, 2015

Helloooo February Snow

Well this is one way to start February!   I took this video around 4pm on February 1, 2015. Chicago's blizzard warning was in effect until midnight.

The next day we woke up to a winter wonderland. Our backyard was more fit for penguins than for a flock of chickens.

Snow drifts made some areas about 4ft deep.

Despite tarping the run, the blowing snow from the night managed to trickle through any available cracks, causing the inside of the run to have a dusting of powdery snow.  The flock wanted no part in  stepping in it- yes, they are spoiled and entitled.  I had to turn the inside of the run with a rake and add fresh pine shavings- what service!

By late morning the sun was shining and the snow was sparkling. I made a nice little path leading to all the chicken coop doors. There is something sooo energizing about fresh snow and winter sun. Just another reason I am thankful to have a flock of chickens; for I would not enjoy such simple pleasures if they weren't needing my care.

Even though I shoveled through the 2ft of snow covering their door, this is as far as the girls wanted to go. The entire time all I heard were their little coo's of disapproval.

Dark Chocolate, the current Queen of the Coop, was grateful for my hard work and gave me a nice egg for my troubles.

I think the girls were happy that the snow turned into a sunny winter day, but I am sure they are counting the days 'til Spring.

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