Monday, September 15, 2014

Windy City Coop Tour 2014

Excited to report that we will be featuring our chicken coop in the Windy City Coop Tour!

It will give me free reign to talk about everything chicken for FOUR hours each day, yippee!

Here are some photos of the ChicagoChickInn this past summer.

We had a pretty eventful Summer at the Inn-  the coop got a paint job along with a chicken run addition.  But the biggest news is that we went from a flock of three to SIX!  Teeny adopted 3 cute chicks. Of course they are no longer chicks, but boy was it a learning curve to integrate them in the flock.


Never a dull moment here at the Inn.  Ya'll make sure to stop by September 20 or 21! The fluffy butts will be waiting!

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