Sunday, January 19, 2014

Meet The Flock

Well hello.... It's been awhile since my last post. I have been a busy bee. Still collecting vintage but also added another collection... my three little hens. My last post was 7 months ago introducing my wee little chicks posing in vintage items.

Now my gals are all grown up and laying gorgeous sage green eggs! I figured I needed to reintroduce my flock...

This is "cupcake"... Breed: Bantam Easter Egger hatched June 10, 2013. Personality: playful, hyper, but very accident prone and clumsy. Has gotten stuck in fly tape, gotten toes stuck in yard furniture, and caused me to fall out of coop. Was predicted to be top of pecking order but has since been demoted to the bottom by "Teeny"... "The Tyrant" (entirely different story).


Meet "Dark Chocolate"... Breed: Bantam Easter Egger, Hatched: June 10, 2013. Personality: aloof yet chatty, suspicious of my intentions, and very seldom if ever will eat from my hand. Best friends with "Cupcake" since chickhood. Has strategically maintained neutrality in the pecking order. The first hen to lay an egg at 28weeks.

Lastly meet "Teeny". Hatched: June 10, 2013. As a chick due to her runt like size she was ignored and isolated by her peers, she was fragile and had to be hand fed. As a result she became a loner. Excellent forager swallows secadas in one gulp. Excellent flyer. Survived, an aerial red tail hawk attack unscathed. Endured 24hrs in the hole (isolation in garage) for her bitchy behavior toward "cupcake". Personality: loner, bad ass, massechist. Needless to say she is head of pecking order, my right hand chicken, and now claims the name "Teeny the Tyrant". Is she laying? Of course she is, but she would say "it's really none of your business".

And there they are my small flock of three.  A regular chicken can be about 4 -7 lbs. I think mine are 2 lbs each. They are mini-chickens but they are packed with personality. 

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Thanks for checking in... I'm still hoarding the vintage so stick around for my latest finds I'll be posting those soon.

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