Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fresh Picked Thrifts, Episode 10

Well just as I promised this is Part II of the MOTHER thrift haul.

Again, as in the last post, I will go through my LIKES and finish off with my DISLIKED purchase.

I will be working diligently to get all this stuff up in the SHOP... I will be a busy bee indeed- 100 items in I come. 

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe wood shakers, Glass Colorado shakers with chrome tops, Wooden Lucky Pig shakers, Jonah and the Whale by Enesco- made in Japan shaker, Pink ceramic pig shaker
LIKE-  A mixture of kitsch and mid century vintage souvenir salt and pepper shakers.

This whale is so cute. Unfortunately he is missing Jonah his partner shaker who is supposed to sit inside the red recessed area. Instead, I threw in some cute daisy clip-ons I found- Not sure if the whale likes that or not.

 LIKE-  God Bless our Mortgaged Home Shakers (that statement is sooo true) And handsome little boy holding a top hat- not a shaker, but cute anyway...I'm sure he had a lovely sweetheart, but alas I could not find her.

LIKE- HO HO HO Green Giant.... Got three of these plastic stackable cups with holographic illustrations... check it out the Green Giant is crying tears of joy after reading his Birthday card.

OK here comes the vintage AVON stuff...

LIKE-  Vintage AVON bottles with the lotions and creams still within- kind of yucky- gonna clean them out and sell the awesome bottles. The suitcase behind it all is actually a previous yard sale find from last summer- and was only 2 bucks!

LIKE- Avon has done it again. Nothing is more manly than getting your after shave cologne from, why of course... A Winnebago bottle. Sexy indeed.

LIKE-  A handful of Cracker Jack freebies- Joke books, weather indicators, tattoos, mazes, scratch boards, etc. My daughter asked "What's a Cracker Jack?"  Bad mommy how could I deny her the pleasure of yummy Cracker Jacks- looks like that will be a needed Easter basket treat.

Are ya still with me? We have made it to the


Never had one as a kid - thought they were too ugly. Still think there too ugly. This one is no exception- she's half naked, has a weird belly button, and TROLL BOOB's!  Confession... the "ugly" is kind of growing on me.

Well that's a wrap, Thanks for looking, thanks for reading. I am always super surprised to find that people read my posts and leave comments.

By the way, can you believe it's April already??!!!

I'll be linking up to Thrift Share Monday, Thrifty Love and Flea Market Finds.


  1. Ooh, what great finds! I love the Avon bottles, I still have a few which sat on my dressing table as a little girl. I love the whale & daisy earrings too! XO

    1. Thanks... I think I am starting a new love of whales...first it was pigs now whales :)

  2. Holy hell! Soooo much cute kitsch! I'm loooving the avon whale, mugs, avon prettiness and cracker jacks freebies. I agree on the trolls- I HATE them. Even as a kid I thought they were hideous. You won't find one in -my- personal collection.

    1. Thanks for stoppin by my blog... I'm a fan of yours :) I used to live in Florida and miss the awesome flea markets.I can't help but be attracted to anything kitsch. Have a great week!

  3. I'm sorry but I just love the troll-y girl! She's awesome!

  4. Sad to say but I was really into troll dolls when I was a kid, I collected the vintage '60s ones from flea markets and also bought the new ones in the '90s.

    I love the whale s & p set, obviously the whale ate Jonah! I'm always a fan of those Avon bottles too but have had too many incidences with yucky smelling decades old cologne/perfume. :(

  5. I was a teen when troll dolls were such a smash hit in the 60's and I loved them then and love them now! This one is the cutest ever with the little troll bra top! I do however, draw the line at owning them.

  6. Gotta say, I don't mind the troll! Your other stuff is great too! Happy April!

  7. You picked up some wonderful vintage items! Good luck getting them all listed. Thank you for linking up at Cap Creations.