Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Work, Thrift, Eat, Sleep... Work, Thrift, Eat, Sleep...

It's hard to believe February is over! 

Ok, so here is the update on how I did on the Apron Thrift Girl Reselling Challenge. See my previous post on what my original goals were.

Basically If I wasn't at work this month I was thrifting, reselling, eating, or sleeping only to work, thrift, eat, sleep and resell all over again. I was a machine...

As you may know the challenge from Apron Thrift Girl's blog was for resellers to create goals for their shops in the month of February and to check in every Wednesday to give updates on how we were doing.

Goals met: 
Yay! 32 new items listed this month! I got eager and did two extra listings. It's kind of addicting once you get the ball rolling. I sold a total of 10 items which is how much I sold in December- not bad for a hobby/side business. I started out with 54 items in my shop , and now I have 70.

These are a few of my favorite listings:

In retrospect:
 I think 30 is the max number of new listings that I can handle with a full-time day job and family responsibilities. My hubby and kid ate bread and water and wore the same socks twice in one week, but the important thing is, I made my goal of 30 new items listed.  J/k ... they had mac and cheese too- hahaha.  It was doable, but I will admit busy. I would list in the evenings, after my daughter fell asleep, and thrift on Saturday mornings. Then squeeze in photographs when I could catch the afternoon sunlight. 

So what  happens next month?
I hope in the next month I continue to reap some of the benefits of my February "new" listings or I hope to at least match what I sold for February.

I will continue to list new items- gonna try for 20 new items in March.

I also hope to experiment with Ebay-  OOOOH steppin out of my Etsy comfort zone.

What I learned from all this?
 I LOVE LOVE having my own little shop online and hope I can continue growing my shop and sales. It was a fun and worthwhile challenge. I also learned I need a very plush seat cushion, bigger house, Mac computer, iphone, housekeeper, and at least 30 hours in a day.

As far as not turning into a big fat fatty while spending more time on the computer?- What happens if you eat a box of these?...
Girl Scout cookies- Samoas

I guess I''ll see which handle that shows up on  in the next month too. I guess we can call that the collateral damage from this reselling challenge.

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If you took part of this challenge, did you learn anything new?

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