Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gaudy, Boho, Shabby, Me

I will confess I was supposed to skip going to any sales this weekend and focus more on photographing more items for my shop. But I couldn't stay away, besides it was cloudy and cold anyway...

These were my finds.

Beads, baubles, and flower pins. I couldn't resist all the color on a cloudy cold Chicago day.  Check out the "Fabulous Las Vegas" souvenir.
The inside of the Vegas compact has a spot for all your petty cash.

The owner of this estate was obviously a girly girl- nothing wrong with that.

Like the dachshund? Its pretty heavy, has a sparkly leash, rhinestone eyes, and a brush for a tail. I've never seen one of these, so of course I had to have it. I think this was to dust off all the loose powder and blush powder from your vanity table- so fancy. The eyeglass holder in the background is kinda shabby, but very chic with the rhinestone detailing.

 I know, I comes the gaudy. I think I must've been in some weird mood but I couldn't deny the purple fabulousness of these clip on earrings. More gaudy?  Look below. A chunky leaf necklace. With the right neckline? might work right?! or was my judgement a little off today? Someone may need to slap me, whoops too late because I also got the necklace in white.

Enough of that,  here comes the bohemian...

Boho Chic- gotta love it- macrame bag with wood beads, and its a nice size 11" x8". This one's a keeper - can't wait to use it this Spring.

Lastly, to wrap it all up, I found awesome and harmless wrapping paper!

To sum it up, this thrifting trip was a little shabby, a little boho, maybe a little gaudy, but all a bit me :)

Thanks for checking my finds.
I'll be linking this up to Thrift Share Monday and Flea Market Finds- Have Fun!

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  1. i love that las vagas box! i have one like it, but it says "coffee break" on the front, with a piece of pie and a coffee cup"

    1. Yours sounds cute...that's more my thing "coffee and pie"- yum :)Thanks for stoppin by! happy thrifting.

  2. Wow, I love all of it but that little dog is surely a treasure, he is so adorable!

    1. Thanks- it moves around my house- my daughter loves to pose him in different areas- too funny.

  3. I'm in love with the lilac necklace <3

    P.S. I wrote You a message on Etsy.

    1. Thanks for stoppin by my blog :)I'll be putting the necklace for sale sometime this evening. I will check your message on etsy.

  4. I can't get over the exceeding cuteness of those wrapping papers! Love the orange and yellow daisy pin as well - great stuff!

    1. Thanks for stoppin by my blog. I know, the wrapping paper is almost too cute to use. I just like looking at them, especially the 70's blondies. If I don't sell them in my shop, I may frame them since I just like lookin at them. The pins will most likely land in my shop so check back- have a great week :)