Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mushrooms and Maio Equals Awesome Thrift

It was a crazy cold Chicago weekend but the sun was shining, so I can't complain too much.

My plans were to visit two estate sales. Both of these sales were on their final day, so lucky me- everything was 50% off Yahooo! The question always is however... "Will there be any good stuff left?" So just to get best "last" pickins my plan was to get there as soon as they opened- 9am- not too bad.

Estate sale #1.... I entered the land of mushrooms. (can't believe no one bought these the first day!)
Stackable mushroom mugs, mushroom plaque and napkin holder by M. Jacques.

Flower mugs, 4 drinking glasses, "The PussyCat"- Oh my! (maybe the name of a bar?), and these awesome light lemon yellow glasses- much prettier in person. Lastly that super cute dog is on a plate that says "Tea bag".

 After getting my fix of drinking glasses...a trip to the basement brought me to these two lovelies. I think these would look great as bookends on a book shelf.
Made in Japan Grandpa and Grandma retirement piggy banks. Grandma is on a rocking chair that actually rocks! 

 Estate Sale #2 was literally right around the corner.... how convenient, right?! Second day also, but I managed to walk away with this beauty for 12 bucks!
It is a Maio print on a wooden board. Margaret Eugenia "Jean Maio" Stewart-Toti Thomis 1924-1987 was known for her big eyed girls and I think in the 1960's there were reproductions/prints of her work. You can go here to read more about her work. Lucky for me she was still intact and had a nice wood frame in matte gold. She's a nice sized piece 38" x 15".  She's one cool chic. So stylish... a reminder for me to NOT leave the house looking like a slob. Perfect for the bare walls in my house. Here's a full view... Where is she anyway?- check out the parrot on the tree.
FYI -I've been in my house for almost 9 years- and still have tons of empty walls- I have the "nail in the drywall" phobia- I grew up in a house of smooth, barely touched drywall where nails and tape were a BIG no-no.
Guess I can't blame my Pop, he was the house painter and I know spackling and sanding tiny holes is not a good time. Anyways, this year I'm not gonna not be afraid of committment and I'm saying bye bye to bare walls.

So those are my finds of the week... Mushrooms and Maio = Awesome.
***By the way stop by later this week to check out pics of my workspace after doing a photo session for my shop- it's a fine mess you don't want to miss! Til then toodles!


  1. Girl, let me introduce you to the world of 3m Command Strips.I love those suckers.The kind to hang pictures is awesome-stick strips on your art, then strips on the wall, and velcro together. When you want to take it down,pull the strips off.I still use nails on the really heavy things,but those things are great especially for seasonal art.

    1. Nice to know those work- thanks for tip! Another item added to my list- Looks like I'm headed for a trip to Target! :)

  2. Ok I can't choose a favorite item that you found because they are all wonderful!!! Great finds!!

    The Joyful Thrifter