Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Workspace and Unconventional Photo Techniques

This past weekend I took a bunch of photos for my shop and the following pics are a result of not owning a photo light box or having a dedicated photo area.  All I can say is a lot of creativity not to mention mess is what happens when you don't have the right set-up. Just in case you are wondering I use this camera.

First of all, I rely on sunlight- which is in high demand during Chicago winters. So when this past weekend happened to be sunny. I scrambled to catch that natural light.

Secondly, I rely on a steady hand after 2cups of coffee- lets just say its challenging. I know- TRIPOD -  believe me its on the list. Anyways, I just though I'd give you a tour of the aftermath and my makeshift photo op areas...
You think I need more tabletops? Probably not I'll just fill them up. Those wall shelves become a great photo opportunity but you have to get there between 2:45-3PM.
I should have gotten close up of my tabletop- lots of breakable stuff precariously on the edge. See that table top radio? Works great, but thought it was old- ooops turned out to be a 2002 reproduction. The corner of my desk with that green lamp, another photo op at about 3:30ish.
Do you like my makeshift pink photograph background? (now that's professional-haha) That white shelf is usually a great picture opportunity from 3pm-3:30PM.
And that wall is my sinful bead stash (beadaholic) and behind that curtain is home of my sinful fabric stash. My last photo op area is on top of that metal file cabinet- best time 11am.

Crazy system but it'll work for now.  I'm still amazed how I managed to not break anything!

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