Sunday, February 19, 2012


This was a thrift find mid-January, and I wasn't blogging yet,  but I really want to share this story with you...

First of all this is Twiggy... the 1960's Super Model known for her big eyes, long lashes and petite figure.

The many cute faces of Twiggy aka Lesley Lawson. It's easy to see why she was named "The Face of 1966" by the Daily Express.

Now this is a Twiggy Retro Mannequin Head... Picture1   Pictures 2,3,and 4

I have been stalking this Twiggy retro mannequin head online for sometime now trying to find where I could find her. I didn't even care if it was a reproduction. I don't even know if reproductions have ever been made  (Maybe someone in thrift world can enlighten me).

I can't remember how I first found out about this Twiggy Retro Mannequin Head. I just think she is too cute. She is a retro mannequin head from the 70's. From the limited available online info, she was made in France for boutique owners to display their wigs or hats. Anyways, few and far between I have seen this French Vintage Mannequin Head on Ebay or on online shops in the UK, but it usually runs in the 200-250 range, once sold- (too rich for my blood).

But then one day...
Of course,  a find like this always comes with a story.

I checked out this estate sale advertised on-line, and saw in a picture, what looked like the Twiggy head! I scratched my eyes and it was still in that pic carelessly sitting on a bunch of boxes. It was Tuesday and the sale started Friday so I think I studied that pic multiple times a day to figure out the path I would take to get to that room. In preparation, I imagined myself entering the house and zipping down to that basement and snatching her before anyone else. If I could dream it would be...

Twiggy is sooo cute- love her hair here.

Anyways, I did try to pre-buy it since I was working on the opening day of the sale.  But the owner of the estate company emailed me making it clear there were NO PRE-SALES. So I switched my work day with a coworker. Anyways... I got there at 8:30AM  for a 10AM start time to find I was number 17!  I stared at everyone in front of me, studying who might want the same thing.- Yes my mind went off the deep end for this- complete obsession.

So they let the first 20 in,  and eye on the prize,  I walked swiftly to the basement- I swear I think I had tunnel vision- I could only see this thing.  Got to the basement and IT WAS NO WHERE!!!  I remained calm on the outside but was really freakin' out... so I went back upstairs scanning as I walked but saw nothing. I calmly asked the estate company owner of its' whereabouts, and I could have screamed when she told me non-chalantly... "OH, I sold it to one of my employees this morning".... WHAT the F%@#!  (but I restrained myself from saying that). The only thing that came out of my mouth was, "Well that sucks!" I then said, "I was the one who emailed you and you said you couldn't pre-sell , so I came early to buy it, but you pre-sold it anyway?" She couldn't even look me in the eye and said, "well sorry". I know she can do whatever she wants, it is her company, but it didn't change how much that answer sucked.

I accepted what had happened because what could I really do- I did approach the worker who bought it and jokingly asked what she wanted for it,  but she wasn't very friendly or amused either and she barely looked at me and said, "its not for sale!" I am an extremely nice, actually overly nice person so I left it at that and decided to open my eyes to other finds... didn't see too much (I think I was blinded by my inner disappointment), I ended up finding a Snoopy glass, a flower brooch, and a Mother Mary statue (figured I could later pray for forgiveness for obsessing over an object so badly).

What do you think, any resemblance?

Anyways, I went to pay and couldn't keep it in and I told the owner, "I just want you to know I'm really bummed".  She threw up her hands and yelled, "I'm tired of this!" and told her employee that she would have to sell it to me. I was surprised she said that since I had accepted defeat, but hey I didn't argue. People around me were giggling- "hey, persistence pays". She sold it to me for a fair, but I know bubbled price, and I ran as fast as I could.