Friday, June 27, 2014

Chicken BFF's are called CFF's - Duh

Human to Chicken Glossary:
BFF - Best Friends Forever
CFF - Chicken Friends Forever (the Chicken world equivalent)

From an early age Cupcake and Dark Chocolate were like two peas in a pod. If physically separated as chicks they would chirp at a pitch that would simply make your hair curl.
There friendship began as early as pre-school.

They found a common interest... admiring themselves.

Even as pullets (aka young chicken adult-hood) they were a happy twosome.

It is always a rare moment when you see one without the other; and if you should see it, it is always short lived because one will always urgently run to the other.
They Forage together,

eat exotic foods together,

practice synchronized poses together,

and to this day still make time to admire themselves together.

They are simply CFF's (better known to us as BFF's), and continued proof that chickens are more than just egg layers.

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