Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Grass Grow Along Supply List

Want to grow grass with me? Grow grass, not smoke it hahaha. I swear to you I am no green thumb (I kill cactus) but somehow I managed to grow wheat grass indoors on my first try.

Starting Sunday March 9th, on my Facebook page, Chicago Chick Inn, I will post each step and photos of my progress in growing wheat grass. You can join along. We should finish by March 17, St Paddy's Day (how fitting) and no matter how gray it is outside you will have splendor in the grass inside :)

So "like" my Facebook page, Chicago Chick Inn, so you can follow along or visit my blog where I will also post each step.

Then on St. Paddy's Day we can share all our GREEN wheat grass pics!

Supplies list

1.    A sprouting jar is nice but all you really need is a strainer. If you want to make a sprouting jar look at pic below...all parts for sprouting jar can be bought inexpensively at Michael's Craft Store.

2.   If you are not using a sprouting jar you will need a container to soak the wheat berries   i.e., a large bowl will do.

3.   Potting soil- organic potting soil or just plain soil

4.   A tray to grow grass - could be any plastic Tupperware or you could find a fancy container or use a terracotta pot. I used these containers for my first batch.  

NOTE: My first batch of wheat grass I used these containers which do not have drainage holes. Every time I watered it, I had to tilt the container and drain excess water. If you have a pot with drainage holes or if you can drill/cut a few in the bottom of your chosen container you will have less chance of waterlogged roots or mold.

5.   A cup of Hard Red Wheat Berry - $1.39 a pound at Whole Foods in their bulk section or Fresh Farms sells it in a 1 lb, 12 oz bag - brand- Bob's Red Mill.

And that's it! Get all your supplies together and be ready to start Spring this Sunday March 9.

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  1. I have everything that I need! I'll be sprouting along with you. My girls need something fresh and green to eat.
    Great post!!
    Jen (@hensintheyard.com)

    1. YAY!! I thought I might be a loser sprouting by myself hahaha. Should be fun :)