Sunday, March 9, 2014

Grass Grow Along Step 1-5

I will be updating this post with pics of my progress as we grow the grass. You can also follow my progress on Chicago Chick Inn.

Note : I am doin this along with you so based on how my grass is growing I may not follow these steps to a tee...the following steps are simply what I did the first time around. Also if you have any tips feel free to comment here or on Facebook.

With that in mind -Here's my disclaimer: individual results may vary.

We will see if my first batch was beginners luck... Good luck and most important have fun! Click here for the supply list.

Step 1 :
Sunday early evening/afternoon using your sprouting jar or strainer rinse half cup to one cup of wheat berries (One cup of wheat berries grew two containers for me, one measuring 11"x6" and the other was a round 6"diameter) Rinse 3 times. Then submerge the wheat berries under water in a bowl or sprouting jar and soak until tomorrow morning 12-16hrs.

I am doing half cup in sprouting jar and the other half cup using a strainer and a bowl. Either way is fine.

Step 2:
In morning strain out all water, rinse and strain again. If using a sprouting jar just leave wheat berries in jar tilted upside down so water can drain out. If using strainer method just put strained wheat berries in bowl and cover with Saran Wrap or other lid with one corner open. Put them in darker area of room.

Step 3:
Monday evening rinse wheat berries and strain out all water. Again, if using a sprouting jar just leave berries in jar tilted upside down so water can drain out. If using strainer method just put berries in bowl and cover with Saran Wrap or other lid with one corner open. Place in darker area of room.

Step 4: Tuesday Morning repeat step 3 again.
My wheat berry has the beginnings of tiny sprouts! I am hoping by tonight the sprouts will be a tiny bit longer and I will plant them.

Step 5:
Tuesday evening/afternoon get the containers you choose to plant in and fill about 1-2 inch of soil in bottom of each container. If soil is dry moisten it. (Technically you should use a container with drainage holes but I didn't my first time and my grass grew fine, but you will have to tilt your container to remove excess water every time you water it. Basically you want to keep seeds moist but not sitting in pooled water) Some people also put gravel first to allow for drainage but I didn't do that either and it still grew fine.

These are some of the containers I plan to plant in this time. I punched drainage holes with a knife. And the rasberry carton already has holes for drainage. I will also be reusing the 11"x6" plastic container I used for my first round.

Your wheat berry should have some sprouts coming out at this point. One last time, rinse your berries and strain them well. After berries are strained pour the strained sprouted wheat berry on top of moist soil. Cover the soil with the wheat berry, no soil should be seen. You can lightly press on wheat berry to allow it contact with soil if you choose. Then moisten a paper towel and cover surface. The point is to keep wheat berries moist. Place container in dim area of room, perfect place is on top of fridge.

One cup of hard red wheat berry filled all these containers! It goes a long way. The largest container is 11"x6".
Wednesday morning just make sure the paper towels and soil are moist.

See the Final steps HERE.

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