Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Grass Grow Along the Final Steps

We are well on our way to green green wheat grass by St Paddy's Day. Click here to see the supply list and click here to see the first 5 steps.

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So we left off from Wednesday morning... on Wednesday morning you just made sure that the paper towel on top of the seeds was left moist for the day.

Step 6:
By Wednesday evening this what my seeds looked like under the paper towel. Eventually if you are using a clear container you will see the roots burrowing into the soil below. On the surface you can now see little light green buds of grass. You may also see white fuzz, no worries this is part of the seed germinating process. (3 days since we started Sunday evening)

Moisten the paper towel and remove it.

The goal now is to keep the seeds moist but not sitting in water. It's a balance of not letting it dry out vs. not letting it be too moist.

Depending on your growing conditions; if it looks dry you may need to spray the surface with water. If your container has no drainage holes, just remember to drain off excess water.

I covered the plastic containers with Saran Wrap (gives a greenhouse like effect), leaving just a corner open. I then put the containers back in my warm dark area, on top of my fridge.

Step 7:
Thursday morning and Thursday night, see if the seeds need watering. Continue to keep the containers in a warm dark area covered with the saran wrap.

This is how they look Thursday morning March 13.  There are more light green sprouts. I watered the seeds and drained the excess water this morning. You can see the roots burying down into the soil. Remember continue to keep the containers in a warm dark area.

Step 8:
Happy Friday! 

Yay! my grass is ready for sun. Water the wheat grass and drain the excess water. No need to cover with saran wrap anymore. Place the containers in indirect sun. Even a north facing windowsill will be enough sun to get the grass very green. 

Step 9:
Just watch your grass grow. Water and drain excess water daily and keep your wheat grass by a sunny window. Enjoy the green color, decorate your house with it, juice it for yourself or feed it to your pet. Usually by the 10th day its ready to harvest, just cut the grass close to the root. The grass will grow one more time but usually after two cuttings most of the nutrients will have been used up. Just compost the soil and start again.

Today is Monday March 17, St. Paddy's Day and my grass is as green as ever. It amazes me everytime that it grows this beautifully in 7 days! If you grew some wheat grass please share your pictures, I'd love to see your results (hopefully good results).

Want to grow wheat grass in 7 days? Go HERE.

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