Monday, March 3, 2014

Blue Light Special's Aisle #3, #4, #5

We went on a well needed vacation so I kinda fell off my goal of listing a new item every week. Oops - but it was well worth it. Its been a long hard winter and we needed to defrost.

So now, I have not one, but three items to be listed this week to make up for my absence.
Here they are...The latest items listed in my Etsy shop!

A smoky glass tray with cheeky Monkey's reminding all of us on the secret to a happy married life. I think this would be perfect to hold your wedding rings.

An adorable pair of vintage Avon milk glass mugs. They are each only 3.5" tall, but what a fun way to serve up a shot of espresso.

And lastly AISLE #5:
Enamelware pan in a to-die-for Aqua blue.

All these are in my shop or will be in my shop this week.

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