Friday, January 31, 2014

My Calm Before the Storm

It's that moment right before the sun rises, when all is quiet, no cell phones buzzing, no car horns blasting. As I walk, every floor creak is amplified and I can hear my coffee brewing.

My eyes half open I am wondering what made me ever want to raise chickens. I throw on my mismatched sweats and winter coat and make my exit out the front door. Except for the bunny tracks I see, I am the first to step on the perfectly clean white snow. Walking to my backyard I capture the sunrise as it's still unfolding. For a moment I am reminded of how perfect a sunrise can be.

In my shed I fill my chicken feeders. I then get to slide open the chicken door to hear pleasant peeps thanking me for their days ration. They follow me frantically as I lock my shed door. I lead them back to their run, throw them some treats and they settle into the day that lies ahead.

By the time I am done with morning upkeep only 15minutes has passed, the sun has risen, and the next thing you know I am running frantically to catch my bus. But as I commute to work, thinking about my list of things to do; I sit and remember that in those 15minutes it was mostly just me and the sunrise.

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