Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gimmeee That Giveaway

Time for a giveaway....

I am so tickled pink that people have been following me on my thrift adventures that I wanted to host a giveaway.

 Just become a member of my blog, if you haven't already; and reply to this post by answering this question...

If you could go back in time for one day, to buy one item to bring back to the present time, what would it be?

Reply by Sunday April 29 and I will randomly draw one name from those who entered their answer to the question.

My hubby says he would buy the first edition of Superman DC comic book.

My sister says she would go back in time and bring back Carnation Breakfast Bars. These are peanut butter one's, but she really loved the chocolate chip ones- oooh yummy.


So easy,  right?... You get the idea.

 So before I got into all this vintage resell stuff I was heavily into jewelry making especially pre-mini me.
The winner will get these lovely earrings made by me!

They are on sterling silver lever backs- I have sensitive ears and these are awesome :)

 Good Luck and can't wait to find out everyone's answers.


  1. Mine would be a brand new 1964 Chevy Nova II. I remember those Carnation bars, we would beg my Mom to buy them at the grocery store, but she wouldn't stray from Tiger's Milk bars for anything! What would you buy, Merci?

    1. I knew someone would ask me... Turns out I've been having a hard time deciding- typical Libra indecisiveness. I can't even answer my own question haha. Hard to choose, but I have to say what's topping the list is an Airstream- nice shiny silver :) Lately I've been into mini things and airstreams are like mini way cool houses. I also would probably hunt for the coolest 70's lava lamp.

  2. Last year when we where at vacation I saw in a thrift store a red vintage lamp wit tiny plastic stars on it. It was 20 euro and I found that too much. Now I would go back in time for one year so I could buy that lamp. I am thinking a lot at it.

  3. Oh dear it's so very hard to narrow it down to one thing. I think it would have to be a Morris car from the 1950's. My Dad had one, & if I could have one that was brand new & yet still old that would make my heart sing!

  4. Emmel-prutsemieke is the winner of this giveaway. Yay! Thanks everyone for entering.