Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday I'm in Love...

I Love Fridays off...

OFF FRIDAY from work meant one thing, I could hit the estate sales on the first day...oooh! And my good luck charm  (my mini me) got to go with me since she too had the day off.  The first estate sale started at 10am, so silly me, thought getting there at 8am would get me into the top ten to enter first.  Boy was I WRONG! I got there only to find that there were people who camped out since 9am the day before!!!! What were they selling in there, GOLD?! Well I got on the list - number 79, so I headed back home to do some laundry (lucky for me the sale was in my neighborhood). We went back at 11:30 and got in by is what we found...

First of all this place was packed, not only with people, but with layers of stuff...old stuff...just what a person like me loves to see...a definite DIG. So the first thing that caught our eye were accessories. The tapestry zipper pouch above was  Made in Austria and the plastic flower clip-on earrings with matching multi-strand necklace were too cute to pass up.
Here is some more plastic bling that caught my eye (my mini me says they remind her of Mentos- so true).  The scarf beneath the Mentos necklace is a split scarf - I'm still figuring out how to tie it.

And a girl just can't get enough of sparkly and more sparkly. Beaded evening bags galore and proper penguins to boot. Where's the party?! I'm ready for a night out.

Then we ventured into the deep dark basement...and found this Sunny yellow folding stool- has a tag 1958. Got it for $5, cob webs and all, but it cleaned up quite nice. Thought I'd need to paint it but soap and water mixed with a little elbow grease did the trick. :)

When I carried the stool out the front door, surprisingly, there was still a line to get in! Reminded me of when I used to wait in line to get into a dance club, now I'm willing to wait in line to go thrifting- how dose that happen?! And how can I get onto a VIP list for the next sale? hmmm.

And one of the last things we came upon was this darling quilted fabric remnant- though this might be a cute print for a quilted mini skirt for my side kick- another addition to my growing sewing project list.
Don't worry mom- I washed the fabric items as soon we got home... 
So was this estate sale worth it? YES 'cuz I got to go home and do laundry instead of waiting in line.

SATURDAY- I entered the land of mini...

Saturday was an especially fun day because I got to share my thrifting fun with my friend of 20years!

*Unfortunately her first estate experience consisted of doggy smelling house and lots of dusty stuff to dig through.
*It also consisted of getting me home quick enough for a dose of Claritin (I'm unfortunately allergic to dogs). *It was a TRY to get in quick and get out quick kind of experience.
*Getting out was a bit rough- I think we waited in line for 15min to pay (long time to wait when your at the  brink of wheezing). Of course, these things never happen when I'm alone. Note to self:  pre-medicate with Claritin.

*We got to chit chat over breakfast.
*I left with a few finds that just needed a good soak in some sudsy water. And she managed to leave with a few kids books, wooden puzzles, and a glass bottle collection.
*And the best part, she still wants to be my friend despite my obsession with least I think so- mwhahaha (at this point in life she really has no choice).

These were some of the cuties I left with...

By the way, I guess I should tell everyone now how I love to buy in Russ PVC Easter bunny wasn't enough I had to have all 12. I also snatched up the cupid and mouse by Russ Berrie. Also in this mini mix are sweet ballerina cake toppers and a mini Monchichi (remember those?)

Mini die-cast cars and a double decker London Bus from 1977, lost it's stickers, but still fun- reminds me of my Honeymoon in London :)

 And my last mini were these two squirrels- It's a vintage floral Pick- why don't they make them this cute anymore?
Now comes the hard part...deciding what's gonna end up in my shop.

 All in all a fun thrifting weekend, got to spend time with my daughter and bestie -  what more could a thrifty gal want?!

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  2. lovely blog, I'm a new reader :)

  3. Love the orange necklace set. Is it for sale?
    Carrie Bryant

    1. I will be posting it to my shop
      Thanks for your interest! and thanks for reading.

  4. Great Finds! Estate sales are my absolute favorite kind of sale to go to. I also have been in some really smelly houses and usually end up with a serious sinus headache shortly after. The things we will do for junk!

    1. If I brought a mask I would've stayed and dug some more!

  5. I have never been to an Estate sale, they don't seem to have many here. Great finds! Why buy one bunny when you can have them all? I hear they travel in packs anyway :)

  6. Thanks for popping over to say hi, look forward to seeing what you dig up each week- LOVE that folding stool. melx

  7. that stool is a SUPER score and that double decker bus is AWESOME. as for thrifting with a friend that doesn't get into thrifting as much...thats tough. I always worry about them having a good time and can't concentrate on the task at hand.

    1. So very true. This was the first time I brought a friend, I think going the day before allowed me to relax a bit. Thanks for stoppin by!