Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thrift Share Monday

Ok, here goes my first post. I have to admit, I was prompted to start a blog just to join Thrift Share Monday- sad right?!  Oh whatever- I'm excited to share my first bunch of Thrift Share Monday finds :)

But quickly since this is my first blog, here's the run down... I love shopping, I especially love estate sales and thrift shops- partially because like many, I feel like it's a treasure hunt. I also love selling stuff- think I got that from my grandma :) You can check out my ETSY shop or

 Anyways... here goes....This is what the weekend treasure hunt unveiled...

These are too fun, don't ya think? I got these at my favorite thrift shop that I frequent- It can be a hit or miss place, but I sure had fun buying these guys. The bowling ball and pin are salt and pepper shakers. And the glass, just says it all; especially when you might have a "case of the Mondays" (Just watched "Office Space"-too funny).  Drop some daisies into that glass and voila- the perfect anti-Valentines Day Gift.

Next we have the 2 glass birdies...turns out my mini me (daughter) has a pretty good eye. She spotted these a the thrift shop too. Scooped them up for $1 - they are too cute. She immediately claimed them-" don't sell these mom- these are mine!" -A thrifter/collector in the making.

Isn't she lovely- I admit my palms got a little sweaty when I saw her leaning against a pile of boxes. Couldn't believe she was still there on the last day of an estate sale! You gotta appreciate all the work that went into her.  I snatched her in no time flat. Don't think she'll end up in my shop anytime soon.

 Another estate sale find. Tall skinny glasses - so girly, I couldn't resist. That's it for now...
Sunday night- boohoo, gotta do the day job until next weekend! Happy Thrifting everyone.


  1. Check out for more Thrift Share Monday Finds. :)

  2. Wow, that biker girl is fabulous! Great finds!
    Thanks for joining in.
    xoxo Selena

    1. Thanks for the welcome! Huge learning curve ahead of me. Just figured out how to add a button to my blog. Do you have time to help a baby blogger out? I would love to set up your Thrift Share Monday button- could you send me the code i have to copy and paste? Much appreciated :)

  3. I love the glass birds! I've slowly been collecting them to replace a collection I used to have.

  4. You're off to a great start! Love your finds, esp those tall skinny glasses. :)

  5. Welcome to blogland. That's an awesome tapestry.

  6. I only starting blogging about 8 months ago. I really enjoy it and there are so many wonderful bloggers out there. I look forward to seeing everyone's finds each week. I am sure you will enjoy it!

  7. love the tapestry...what odd subject matter for a tapestry. and those tall pink glasses are super!